An Open Letter to Grosse Pointe Residents from The Hill Pointe School - Hill Pointe School

An Open Letter to Grosse Pointe Residents from The Hill Pointe School

New Evidence shows success of public charter schools.

Why does GPPSS leadership continue to oppose this PUBLIC SCHOOL option for our community?

Sample of findings from the national Stanford *CREDO III pivotal study:

“Looking at year-to-year academic progress from 2015 to 2019, the typical charter school student in our national sample had reading and math gains that outpaced their peers in the traditional public schools (TPS) they otherwise would have attended.”

“Each student and each school is a proof point that shows that it is possible to change the trajectory of learning for students at scale, and it is possible to dramatically accelerate growth for students who have traditionally been underserved by traditional school systems.”

“Perhaps the most revealing finding of our study is that more than 1,000 schools have eliminated learning disparities for their students and moved their achievement ahead of their respective state’s average performance. We refer to these schools as “gap-busting” charter schools. They provide strong empirical proof that high-quality, high-equality education is possible anywhere.”

“In both reading and math, charter schools provide students with stronger learning compared with the learning in the traditional public schools that are otherwise available to them. Across the broad range of charter schools, the evidence suggests that they are a robust education option under many conditions.

According to our latest findings, the autonomy given to them usually yields positive results.”

“Charter schools produce superior student gains despite enrolling a more challenging student population than their adjacent TPS.  They move Black and Hispanic students and students in poverty ahead in their learning faster than if they enrolled in their local TPS. They are more successful than the local public school alternatives across most grade spans and community settings.”

Public education is a key component to the health of our community. Why would we limit public education options? We all oppose business monopolies so why do we support the K-12 GPPSS public school monopoly? Please ask your GPPSS leaders and civic leaders ,why they are ignoring these compelling results and opposing public education options which create choices for all parents, not just the ones who can afford private/parochial options!

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