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Committed to offering tuition-free, classical education in Grosse Pointe

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The location will be announced soon!

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Grade Levels

The school will start with grades kindergarten through 5th grade, adding a grade each year.

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Open Date

The school plans to open in the Fall of 2025.

Why The Hill Pointe School?

The Hill Pointe School will be a tuition-free public charter school founded on classical education with a significant focus on virtues and values. The inspiration is to create a school open to all students offering education in the humanities, math, sciences, and arts, much like the once-traditional public education previous generations have received. The desire is to establish a school fostering the independent thinkers and moral citizens of the future.

The academic philosophy of The Hill Pointe School is rooted in a firm belief in the potential of the individual, and in the timeless virtues of responsibility, honesty, courage, respect, gratitude, humility, and wonder. These values are integrated into the daily rhythm of the school. It is the expectation that students, teachers, and school leaders live them out. The school looks to instill in all its students the honest pride and self-esteem that derive from true achievement.

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The teachers will use both lectures and use the Socratic Instruction Method, asking students questions and encouraging them to formulate their own questions. Students will be instructed in study skills, such as organization, time management, and note taking, which are essential for building a foundation for further academic pursuits.

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Parent involvement will be embraced and relied upon to coordinate extracurricular activities such as chess club, forensics, the school newspaper, family fun nights, and more.

The school plans to open for students in grades K-5 in September 2025 with planned expansion to K-12 over the course of several years. The board members of The Hill Pointe School are dedicated to the success of the school.

While the school’s location is yet to be determined, there is no zip code requirement for students who attend. The Hill Pointe School is open to all students who desire to attend.

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