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America the Beautiful at The Hill Pointe School

January 10, 2023
Are you familiar with the story behind our beloved song, “America the Beautiful”? The source of inspiration was Katharine Lee Bates’ hiking trip to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado in 1893. She and fellow teachers from Colorado College…
The Hill Pointe School board members take a picture in a conference with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

The Hill Pointe School Board Meets Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

November 3, 2022
Members of The Hill Pointe School Founders Board were invited to a roundtable discussion at the Protect Parents’ Rights event in St. Clair Shores on October 14. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was on hand as educators and parents shared their…

Classical Education Inspires Wonder in Your Home

November 3, 2022
Wonder comes easily to children. They love to ask questions and understand the way things work. Those of you with toddlers in the “Why?” phase know this to be especially true. They’ll ask why they can’t have a third cup…
Two students sit as the bottom of the stairs in the library to read to one another.

Personal Virtues at The Hill Pointe School

October 12, 2022
Children learn what they live. If they learn in a classical school environment that promotes and models virtue while engaging in a time-tested curriculum, these children become people not only who have a sense of community but also who think…
Image of three children building a tower from counting cubes in their classroom.

How are Virtues Incorporated into a Classical Curriculum?

October 12, 2022
At its core, classical education embraces the concept of educating the whole child through a content-rich, virtue-rich education. Children are seen as human beings, not their standardized test scores. In a classroom environment where virtues are equally as important as…

10 Key Characteristics of a Classical School

September 3, 2022
Hill Pointe, as a classical school, has committed to upholding and embracing the following 10 key characteristics: The Western Tradition is at the center as the children study history, literature, philosophy, and the fine arts. There is a rich and recurring…
The Hill Pointe School Project Board

The Hill Pointe School Takes Flight

August 3, 2022
The Grosse Pointe area is abuzz with conversation and excitement over the news of a classical public school opening in September 2023 for grades K – 5. What is the back story? In spring 2021 in the midst of Covid…